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January 27, 2019

We would like  to thank you for your support of this organization. Whether you are a brand new member or an LVJS veteran, your support makes our organization possible. The newly formed 2019 board of directors is focused on achieving the stated missions of this organization.
 1.  Jazz education has long been a goal but is now a reality.  Building on Adam Schroeder’s Journey Through Jazz program co-sponsored by the Clark County Library District, in May we will award scholarships to high school and college students.  Plans are underway for a summer Jazz Camp.
2.  We will increase the presence of the Las Vegas Jazz Society in the community.  We will sponsor bigger events and work with, and be a presence at, other local jazz organizations’ events.
3.  We will streamline the organization both internally and externally.  Building on the by-laws a Procedures and Policies manual is being written to establish the specific roles and duties of the Board, the three committees (Education, Events, and Jazz Awareness).  This will set up delegation of  duties to our volunteers.  It is no secret that a very small number of people have shouldered the responsibilities in many capacities.  Building on the knowledge and experience of these intrepid few, we will call on other members to participate and have their voices heard. (Don’t be surprised when your phone rings).  Externally, we are increasing our social media profile, creating new and exciting ideas to promote the LVJS, and making our website the repository of all information.
4.  We will communicate with our members.  This first Note from The Board is evidence that we are making changes.  This will be a recurring feature, so check the website for updates. Please know that anyone can contact the organization through the various email addresses located on the landing (home) page of our website.  You are also welcome to leave a message at 702-313-6778.


1. Will JazzNotes be discontinued?
No.  JazzNotes is now sent to you in pdf format.  Why? We want to use available technology to increase efficiency and cut costs with regard to printing and mailing. We will be doing any printing in house instead of using a third party, and a reduced number of JazzNotes will be printed for those without computer access and for distribution at events.
2. Are membership cards discontinued?
As of right now, yes, but this does not affect the discount received at events or or online.  Our database reflects your membership status. We want our membership cards to have a tangible value by offering discounts on goods and services.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.  What discounts would be useful to you?
3. Are memberships renewed on an anniversary date or at the end of each year?
All memberships are renewed on an anniversary basis.  Your membership begins when you sign up and is renewed the same month of the following year.  Email reminders will be sent prior to the expiration of the your membership, but you can renew anytime on the home page under “JOIN.” 
Again, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments.  We promise a timely response.


February 17, 2019

1.  The Board of Directors is planning a Town Hall meeting in the near future.  This will be an opportunity for you to meet the new Board, hear plans for the future of the Las Vegas Jazz Society, and discuss areas of concern to you.

2.  The first annual LVJS Southern Nevada College Scholarship was announced at the Essentially Ellington Festival on January 31st.  One new and one continuing student scholarship in the amount of  $250 will be awarded to help defer educational expenses at a southern Nevada accredited college or university jazz program.  Scholarship information and applications are available on the website and will be sent to area high school jazz band instructors and to  CSN and UNLV instructors for dissemination to their students.

We want to thank those members who have made generous donations and we encourage our members to consider giving toward this and other planned educational endeavors.  There are two ways to donate:  When you renew your membership you can add an additional donation in increments or you can press the DONATE button found in numerous places on the website.  The latter will take you directly to a PayPal donation page where you can add any amount.

3.  Michael Spicer, Vice President of the Board, will debut his monthly podcast on the LVJS website in the coming weeks. By definition, a podcast is “an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download to hear.”  Think of a radio show you can listen to whenever you want.  Mr. Spicer’s first guest is Uli Geissendoerfer.  Watch the website for this new installation.

Your thoughts are always welcome – send us an email:

July 2021

Coming Events. Preparations are now underway to reinstate Sunday jazz events beginning in September. We are also considering inviting out-of-town jazz players to join us in these events. In addition, we plan to resume the annual October picnic at either at Winchester Park or at Richie’s place. Stay tuned for further information.

Membership. As of July 1, we have just 85 active (paid) members. Our roster includes over 250 members who are not currently active. This may be due to the breakdown of the automatic renewal notice system which we had put in place in 2019. To remedy this, a renewal request letter will be sent out to all those who have not renewed since 2018 to ask that they bring their dues up to date.

After letters are sent, Sheila (Membership Coordinator) will be responsible for sending out reminders via email/USPS until an automatic reminder system is restored.

LVJS – School of Jazz @ NSA Affiliation

Scholarship Fund. LVJS completed a donation of $1,500.00 to the School of Jazz Scholarship Fund that is designed to support students who would otherwise not be able to attend the program. Scholarship recipients will be selected by School of Jazz faculty.

Desert Heat Jazz Ensemble. We are in the process of setting up a jazz ensemble that will be open to any member of the broader Las Vegas community. The mission of the ensemble is to ‘encourage active engagement and promote musical growth among the diverse Las Vegas area community.’ The band will begin rehearsals in August 2021 and all area professional, amateur, student, and developing musicians are invited. This project will provide not only an opportunity to play in a big band setting but also a chance to help developing musicians and students as they progress toward their goals.

Eligibility requirements and all pertinent information will be sent out in late July via various media. At this point, Bart di Bartolo is the administrator, and Thom Pastor and Adam Schroeder, music directors.

NSA Summer Jazz Intensive. The School of Jazz presented its annual Summer Jazz Intensive at the Historic 5th Street School from 16-18 June. In addition to School of the Arts faculty, renowned guest artists/clinicians, Justin Di Cioccio, Michael Rodriguez and Donny McCaslin, conducted rehearsals, classes, workshops and performances. LVJS provided volunteers to assist with administrative tasks and a small number of LVJS members observed or participated in some the rehearsals and activities.