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Joni Janak

“So smooth, so musical, seamless interpretation of lyrics…” words
used to describe Joni Janak’s performances.

Performing professionally since the age of 13, Joni has worked and/ or recorded with such notables
as Carl Fontana, Stefan Karlsson, Marvin Stamm, Tom Warrington, Bill Watrous, and Ralph Sharon.

A dynamic and highly polished performer, owing in large part to her background of training and
extensive experience, Janak’s maturity of sound has garnered her accolades from such heavyweights
as: Johnny Mandel – “Joni Janak is one of the unsung heroes in jazz.
She is a great singer.” Carl Fontana – “Joni Janak is, in my opinion, one of the best singers I
have ever heard. There are very few singers in this day and time who can interpret a melody and
lyrics the way she can.” Russ Freeman – “Joni’s version of my song, The Wind, is the best, and my
favorite, rendition that I’ve ever heard-and there are 32 recordings of it.”